Dam White

Medium body white wine with flavors of pineapple and citrus.  Finished sweet to
accentuate the fruit and balance the acidity. Serve chilled.
$17.99 Bottle   $7 Glass   $2 – 1-ounce taste

Estate Vidal Blanc

Semi-sweet white wine with a crisp finish.  Aromas and flavors of pears and peaches.Serve chilled.

$17.99 Bottle    $7 Glass   $2 – 1- ounce taste

Estate Stainless Chardonnay

Stainless steel fermented to retain the purity of the Chardonnay character.  True     flavors of fresh crisp apple, pear, tropical fruit, and minerals.

Serve chilled.$20.99 Bottle  $7 Glass  $2 – 1-ounce taste


Off-dry white wine.  Tropical peach and citrus flavors with balanced acidity.  Tons of fun in your glass.  Keep your “I” on it! Serve chilled.

$17.99 Bottle  $7 Glass  $2 – 1-ounce taste


Semi-dry white wine with floral aromas, and tastes of spice, honey and melons. Serve chilled.

$18.99 Bottle    $7 Glass   $2 – 1-ounce taste


Sweet wine with a nice finish.  Aromas and flavors of grapes and citrus.  Serve chilled.

$16.99 Bottle    $7 Glass     $2 – 1-ounce taste


Estate Riesling

Off dry white wine with hints of white peach, melon, and citrus.  Balanced acidity with a clean crisp finish.    Serve chilled.

$20.99 Bottle    $7 Glass   $2 – 1-ounce taste

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Estate Barrel Fermented Chardonnay-Non Filtered

Medium body white wine, bright crisp acidity balanced with flavors of apple and pear.  Barrel fermented and aged in French oak. Serve Chilled.

$24.99 Bottle  $8 Glass  $2 – 1- ounce taste